026 Healthy.CoOp: A New Free Market Concept To Healthcare and Wellness In America – Part 1

by admin on June 30, 2014

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Two local Las Vegas physicians, Dr. Samuel Wise and Dr. Maurice Pockey, intent on improving the current state of health care and wellness in America, will launch an Indiegogo  crowd funding campaign on July 4th 2014 in support of their new Healthy.CoOp free market medical cooperative.

Their Independence Day launch is appropriate, reminding us that it was not that long ago, back in 1776, that a small group of dedicated citizens decided it was time to take charge of their own destiny and challenged the well-seasoned establishment.

While some will always prefer to leave things as they are rather than experience the process of change, we collectively seem to understand that health care in our country needs help and must change and improve to better accommodate the needs of our citizens.

There is no such thing as a silver bullet when it comes to solving the complex issues relating to a subject as big and monolithic as health care in America, but listen in to our Las Vegas Is Talking impromptu interviews with these two Las Vegas physicians and we think you will agree that they are about to launch a new approach to health care and wellness that is sure to create some ‘fire works’ within the current health care establishment.

For more information check out Healthy.CoOp Indiegogo’s site:  INDIEGOGO

Happy Independence Day…!!!!

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