Las Vegas Is TalkingWelcome to Las Vegas Is Talking – The Global Voice of Southern Nevada

If you live here, if you’re one of the forty million that visit each year, or if you live in one of the seventy nine countries that listen to our radio broadcasts, welcome.

Our programing reaches out to the two million that make Vegas their home, but we have the statistics and analytics to know that the world is listening to us, watching our videos and reading our blogs.

While working and developing businesses in Silicon Valley for over 30 years I developed a passion for a few things, among them, radio broadcasting, video production, travel and an appreciation for great foods.

Since I moved to Southern Nevada five years ago I have been exploring this area every day and what I find in this town of over two million residents is a rich, vibrant and culturally diverse community.  But what continues to surprise me is that many of the unique and interesting people, places and activities that capture my attention and bring value to my life are unknown to my extended family, my friends and business associates.

I created Las Vegas Is Talking to be an independent source of information about our part of the world and to link us to others in their part the world.  The goal is basic; to educate, motivate, entertain and have just have fun.

Today I’m taking what I’ve learned over the years and assisting others to create their own ‘New Media’ sites, to empower their own global voices, to create rich content and promote their businesses.

You’ll find links to their sites on our nav bar and they currently include; Sin City Speaks, La Voce, Filmmakers Notebook and Dice Tomatoes.

Thanks for visiting and I would welcome your comments and feedback.

John Donovan
Las Vegas Is Talking

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